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Aestheticism & Decadence reading: Rossetti


Dear Aesthetes,

I will bring excerpts from Hollander’s criticism to class, so you don’t need to hunt him up for yourselves (unless you’re interested, and do go ahead if so – the books I will be talking about are Vision and Resonance: two senses of poetic form and The Gazer’s Sprit: poems speaking to silent works of art.

DO look up the set Rossetti texts (paintings and poems) on The Rossetti Archive online. Texts are available from a list of subheadings at

If your interest is stimulated, have a look at a few more of the ‘Double Works’ (works that appear as both paintings and poems) under that particular subheading – we can talk about these in class also. I’m going to see if I can book us a room with technology for the second hour so we can work with the Archive during our discussion – so make a note of any works that particularly interest you, and we can look them up on the day.

All best, and get in touch if you have any questions,