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For this Thursday’s core-course class (the last of this term) we will be discussing Millais’ lovely painting ‘Mariana’ (1851). By way of preparation it would make sense to (a) have a look at the picture, there; and (b) read the Tennyson poem, ‘Mariana’, upon which it is based. If you’re feeling keen, have a look at Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, from which play Tennyson took the character of Mariana.

Also useful is this (not very long) introductory piece by Andrew Leng about Millais’ picture: check that out too. But mostly, look carefully at the painting.

[Note: Leng mentions Ruskin’s 1878 essay ‘Three Colours of Pre-Raphaelitism’; you can find this online in several places, if you’re interested. Google books have it here (the Millais stuff starts on p.334 right at the bottom: Ruskin’s section 244).