March 8, 2010 at 9:34 am (Core Course, Uncategorized)

A pendant to the Doré post (and seminar), via Selena, who notes a potentially interesting, and relevant, exhibition at the Tate Modern (she adds: ‘I don’t know anything about the exhibition beyond the website so it might be a very weak link… but the Southbank is always good for a stroll even if the exhibition is pants – and it’s free!’). Here’s the revelant exhibition link. And here’s the nub:

Martin Karlsson: London – An Imagery
3 March – 31 December 2010
About | Visiting information
Free Entry
Outside Tate Modern at Holland Street
To celebrate the beginning of the works for Tate Modern’s new building, Swedish artist Martin Karlsson has created a project on the 100-metre hoarding that encloses the works. London – An Imagery 2008–9 takes as its starting point Gustave Doré’s gothic etchings published in 1872.
Karlsson updates this portrait of the city and its inhabitants. [AR]

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