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November 21, 2008 at 9:46 am (Uncategorized) ()

Not qute sure why Sally’s ‘realisms readings’ post keeps bobbing to the top of the page, ahead of more recent posts (though I’m loathe to take it down). Ah well.

This is just a note (via the Valve) that a million or more photographs from the LIFE magazine archive are now accessible online through Google (go to Google Images and type in a name and “source:life”). They’re mostly twentieth-century figures, as you might expect given the magazine, but there are some nineteenth-century ones too. Check out these Charles Dickens, for instance; or these Robert Browning. Browsing through has thrown up one image of Dickens, actually, that I hadn’t seen before; and I’m trying to pin-down in my head who he looks like …. which is to say, which celebrity he reminds me of. Hmm. What do you reckon?


Is anybody else seeing Victorian Beckham with a beard?


(‘Victorian Beckham’ … did you see what I did, there?) [AR]


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